Better size markets, measure market share and assess credit behavior of target markets

Product Overview

CreditMix enables firms to better determine the market size and their share of outstanding credit within their target markets.

Firms can use CreditMix to analyze the number and balance of many credit types across custom or standard geographic regions. With CreditMix, companies can gain insights on how financial shifts affect customer segments and better understand consumer credit health within various geographies.

Key Benefits

  • Provides insight into firm performance in capturing credit within target markets
  • Helps identify how financial shifts affect customer segments
  • Enables firms to determine the consumer credit health of target geographies, offering insights at the Census Block Group or ZIP Code-level
  • Developed for use in non-FCRA applications
  • Offered via our WalletInsights software platform

Applying CreditMix to Your Business

  • Better determine market size and share of total outstanding credit behavior within detailed credit categories
  • Identify geographies likely to have the most opportunity
  • Track branch and territory performance
  • Better understand likely market-level credit allocation and health
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