Credit Trends

Build flexible market strategies with comprehensive consumer credit perspectives.

Enhance Your Market Position with Deeper Consumer Credit Insight

Credit Trends is a powerful intelligence tool that delivers unmatched perspective into anonymous, time-series credit data, specifically attributed for trending, market analysis, benchmarking and research purposes.   Credit Trends utilizes proven Equifax technology and analytics to link and track account level credit data for the complete Equifax U.S. consumer credit database over time and across a number of different dimensions. 

By providing monthly credit history from July 2005 to present and maintaining consistent product categories and vintages, Credit Trends delivers succinct consumer credit insights to help your business: 

  • Strengthen market analysis and research
  • Benchmark portfolio performance against peers
  • Identify product trends and opportunities
  • Build targeted strategies
  • Increase profitability and revenue

Credit Trends helps you understand performance in the broader contexts of the market and enables you to customize your performance perspective by market, geographies, peers and specific metrics and history.  By delivering rapid monthly updates across 20 mutually exclusive product categories, Credit Trends provides granular, relevant and actionable data to support well-informed decisions and help build refined strategies.  Access timely credit perspective that allows your business to stay agile and adjust marketing, acquisition, lending and account management strategies as the business cycle evolves and shifts.  

Credit Trends offers six data dimensions that can be leveraged to examine the data, including :

  • Origination Vintage
  • Origination Risk Score
  • Current Risk Score
  • Loan Product
  • Geography
  • Firm and Peers


Credit Trends delivers holistic consumer credit perspective to give your business the flexibility to respond to changing conditions  and keep resources focused on the markets with the best returns.  

Built from the Equifax bias-free consumer credit database, Credit Trends delivers no personally identifiable information to protect data security integrity.   Available in several delivery options, Credit Trends is designed to seamlessly integrate with analytical marts and software, including Excel, SAS, Stata, JMP, Eviews, Rats, Matlab and business intelligence tools.   

Understand your market position from a customized perspective with Credit Trends.

Credit Trends Vlog

Chris Walker, Credit Trends & Product Leader at Equifax, summarizes insights from our Portfolio, Originations and Possible Accommodations reports.

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