Product Overview

Our analytical models help you monitor delinquency, default, loss severity and mortgage borrower credit health trends at the loan level, across zip codes, vintages and market segments.

The value to your business

  • Utilize up-to-date consumer risk scores and leading indicators of mortgage default for better risk assessment
  • Gain better insight into whether a borrower moved or refinanced with pre-origination and post-termination data
  • Differentiate between higher and lower quality deals
  • Benchmark deals against one another
  • Monitor changes in collateral health
  • Access current employment and income information directly from the applicant's employer to make better mortgage loan decisions
  • Determine which prospects will have the ability to pay and which will find it a financial challenge
  • Measure and rank consumer spending power with a continuous scoring system to target prospects with the capacity to spend
  • Gain more insight into the underlying co-borrower's credit