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Product Overview

Equifax has partnered with LPS Applied Analytics to combine anonymous consumer credit data with loan-level mortgage data to provide a better understanding of the changing credit health of borrowers on both agency and non-agency mortgages.

The value to your business:

  • Create accurate scenarios of future delinquencies, defaults, loss severities and prepayments with consumer-level, time-series data
  • Leverage McDash data from the top 12 servicers gathered over 17 years, providing a large representation of all credit grade and product types (i.e. subprime, agency, alt-A, governments, seconds, home equity and portfolio loans)
  • Benchmark loans against one another to proactively create risk management strategies and create distinct loan 'cohorts' to manage agency risk.
  • Utilize up-to-date consumer risk scores and over 300 leading indicators of mortgage default for better risk assessment
  • Gain better insight into borrower behavior regarding prepayment with pre-origination and post-termination data
  • Review and evaluate underlying borrower and co-borrower's credit

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