Credit Risk from Urjanet
Enrich thin and no-hit credit files with consumer-permissioned utility and telecom data

Product Overview

Each year, millions of consumers are denied financial services simply because they don’t have an adequate credit history. However, many of these underbanked consumers have solid payment records with utility and telecom service providers. And more than 75% say they’re willing to share this data with lenders if it will help them get personalized offers and better terms.1

Are you enhancing your credit risk decisioning with this broader view of consumers?

Consumer-permissioned utility and telecom data for better risk assessments
Whether you’re evaluating a new prospect or a proven customer, more data means greater clarity. Access unique utility and telecom payment data with Credit Risk from Urjanet, an automated, consumer-permissioned utility data solution.

When consumers voluntarily link to one or more account, you get a jump start on risk and a clearer view of underserved audiences to:

  • Uncover new revenue — Discover qualified consumers that may be hiding in your pool of declined applicants and minimize risk as you attract a new generation of customers.
  • Approve more applicants — Using detailed payment data supplied directly from utility and telecom providers leads to smarter, more confident decisions.
  • Gain a competitive advantage — Be among the first to leverage innovative data sources that go beyond the traditional credit report.


Get simplified access to millions of consumer utility accounts.

The Credit Risk from Urjanet solution integrates with thousands of electric, natural gas, water, cable, and telecom providers worldwide. It puts timely, direct-from-the-source consumer data at your fingertips, retrieving the most recent 12 months of payment history for more accurate risk evaluation and smarter credit decisions.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a broader view of underbanked consumers.
Get a head start and expand your lending universe with Credit Risk from Urjanet.

1 “2019 Accenture Global Financial Services Consumer Study,” Accenture, 2019


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