Credit Marketing Services

Accelerate portfolio performance and increase acquisition with actionable credit based insight

Tools for precise targeting

These acquisition and account management tools utilize our unmatched credit-active consumer database to support precise targeting through traditional and digital channels, proactive portfolio management and maximum revenue generation. Leverage the power of extensive credit based attributes to fortify account management and increase marketing impact.


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Prescreen combines the power of our unmatched credit-active consumer database with the precision of prescreened target lists built around credit based attributes and various scoring models. Increase acquisition by honing in on the markets and customers with the greatest propensity to benefit your portfolio. Gain access to the data reliability, currency and depth that Equifax is known for while harnessing the agility to build specifically-targeted affinity campaigns.

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Arm retail bank sales associates with split-second credit insights and recommendations. Prescreen of One lets front-line sales associates confidently cross-sell at the point of sale with real-time prescreening for pre-approved credit offers. Overdraft protection, credit card, auto financing and HELOC offers are delivered to the same screen as the deposit account decision, seamlessly streamlining pre-approved credit offers at the new accounts deck, call center or online

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Credit marketers can expand acquisition efforts to reach consumers where they spend their time: reading emails, perusing social media, and surfing online. Leverage digital credit solutions to better engage and convert credit audiences and optimize credit marketing budgets by measuring the success of multi-channel credit marketing campaigns.

  • Extend credit messaging to digital channels
  • Explore Digital Targeting Segments to expand audiences for credit acquisition campaigns
  • Enable individuals to understand their credit eligibility and creditworthiness
  • Use Prescreen expertise to expand invitation to apply (ITA) audiences and reach them online
  • Optimize credit marketing budget by measuring success of multi-channel credit campaigns
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Customer Portfolio Review delivers the power to proactively screen the accounts in your portfolio against customized criteria to quickly provide deeper customer behavior insights and support informed decisioning. With actionable information and easy-to-interpret reason codes, Customer Portfolio Review optimizes portfolio management and keeps portfolio profitability in focus.

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PortfolioID Advantage provides a comprehensive view into the credit profile of your customers to help optimally manage portfolio performance while minimizing risk exposure. By evaluating your portfolio against the Equifax database of credit active consumers, PortfolioID Advantage delivers deeper consumer insights and competitive advantage.

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Account Management Triggers keep your focus on accounts with the highest risk by leveraging credit indicators and triggers to help identify consumers with a near-term risk of default or late payment. This intuitive screening tool helps monitor credit and identify trouble spots before they impact portfolio performance. Gauge portfolio performance and risk potential from a perspective customized to your specific risk thresholds.

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ProspectID Advantage is an intuitive acquisition solution that strengthens targeted marketing efforts by delivering a list of pre-approved, creditworthy prospects tailored to meet your credit profile criteria. Create a precise, targeted list to fit your marketing needs by leveraging access to more than 1,500 consumer credit financial attributes, event-based and behavior triggers and True In-Market Propensity Scores. ProspectID Advantage helps you effectively mine the Equifax credit-active consumer database to identify robust prospect lists that fit your market objectives and budget requirements.

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TargetPoint Triggers make pinpointing qualified prospects easier and more effective by leveraging credit indicators and triggers to help identify consumers with a near-term propensity to acquire new or additional credit. Identify in-market consumers using industry specific triggering options and credit file attributes backed by the power and reliability of our comprehensive credit marketing database. This intuitive prescreen service turns precise timing into targeted results.

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True In-Market Propensity Scores™ (TIP) help predict a consumer's propensity to open new or additional credit while helping maintain lower risk profiles. When used with a baseline measure of credit risk, TIP Scores three-digit indicative score can help further pinpoint and refine marketing strategies.

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Archive Services helps financial services firms validate and enhance models with a historical view of consumer behavior. With Archives, financial services firms can improve forecasting, marketing and long-term profitability through a deeper understanding of evolving consumer behaviors, trends, and risk over time, useful for validation and retroactive analytics.

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