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Credit marketers can expand acquisition efforts to reach consumers where they spend their time: reading emails, perusing social media, and surfing online. Leverage digital credit marketing solutions to better engage and convert credit and insurance audiences and optimize budgets by measuring the success of multi-channel campaigns.


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With Email Services, credit issuers and other marketers can use email to deliver FCRA prescreen firm offers of credit and insurance, as well as other marketing messages right to their target audiences’ inbox. 

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Credit issuers and insurance marketers need to reach consumers where they most often spend their time, namely, on their devices.  Digital Prescreen - Display helps marketers serve their prescreen offers and messages to target consumers via a variety of digital channels, from display and mobile ads, to social platforms and more.

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Credit and insurance marketers can use digital targeting segments to expand their online acquisition efforts and reach new online audiences that are likely to have the desired financial profile and propensities for their products and messages. Digital credit teams can use a wide range of behaviors and propensities to reach audiences, such as credit card, auto, mortgage, student loan, insurance, communications, retail, millennials, and many others.

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Prequalification of One enables a consumer to easily determine his or her credit eligibility for offers in near real-time, before a credit application is initiated. The solution helps consumers take ownership of their credit and can reduce cart and call abandonment by allowing consumers to prequalify for products based on a self-identified need.

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