Credit Decisioning
Broader data sources provide a better perspective
Looking to manage risk, safely expand consumer access to credit, or personalize experiences for customers?

Start ahead of competitors with the right foundation of robust consumer credit data and layer on alternative data. Then leverage explainable AI to uncover new pockets of opportunity.
Saying "Yes" to More Customers is Good for Business
Ready to say "Yes" to more opportunity, more customers, and more business growth?

Saying "Yes" to more is good for business, and it helps improve the credit ecosystem for everyone.

See how Equifax can help deliver smarter data, insights, and technology to effectively predict outcomes, expand your customer pool, and make more confident decisions across the customer journey – without impacting risk.
Gain a competitive advantage and make better credit decisions
Go back to the basics - with some noticeable upgrades - to both better access customer risk profiles and find profitable new opportunities.

Maximize your ROI via quality data, quick deployment, and access to experts to help co-innovate.
Alternative Data Builds Thicker Files—and a Better View
91 million+ Americans are unbanked, underbanked, credit invisible, or have a thin file*.
Learn how to expand your credit pool with alternative data.
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Expand Access to Credit to Consumers
Open up credit opportunities by accessing consumer-permissioned cashflow data.
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Discover more profitable prospects
Get access to consumer-permissioned utility and telco data from Urjanet.
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Uncover legitimate non-prime borrowers
Help reduce risk with specialty finance data from DataX, such as payday loans, subprime credit cards, and installment loans.
Accelerating Access to Credit
Roughly one in ten American adults struggle to access credit because they’ve never accessed it before. And, a disproportionate share of these 26 million Americans are Black or Hispanic - with more than 12.5 million living in areas deemed “credit insecure” and lacking formal credit opportunities. How can our industry help? Watch a discussion of how the private sector, government, and community organizations are coming together to help consumers obtain access to mainstream financial services and learn about the role alternative data plays in building a more inclusive financial system.
Empower People with Consumer-Permissioned Data
New Data for New Challenges
Major changes in the U.S. job market and loan accommodation requests have clouded the ability for lenders to assess credit risk. This session provides insights on how to leverage consumer consented data to the fullest extent, reducing credit risk, preventing fraud as well as delighting your customers.

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*According to Equifax data