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Clear and current consumer behavior perspective is the foundation of consistent credit decisions that support stronger revenue generation across the customer lifecycle. Advanced Decisioning Attributes provide the power of a premium set of tri-bureau enabled consumer credit attributes to support more confident, consistent credit decisions. Maximize business performance with over 500 consumer credit attributes that provide a relevant, predictive viewpoint of the consumer while minimizing the resources needed to manage multi-sourced attributes.

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Equifax Dimensions creates a deeper, tradeline view of consumer credit behavior to support stronger decisions and more precise targeting across the account lifecycle. With the historical perspective of up to 24 months of tradeline information on over 1.3 billion trades, Equifax Dimensions delivers more than 500 attributes to provide a wider view of consumer financial patterns.  Make better, more relevant offers and grow your portfolio by relying on the historical consumer credit behavior perspective delivered by Equifax Dimensions.

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