Consumer Credit File

Make more accurate credit decisions with robust consumer credit data
Start ahead with a better foundation for risk evaluation
Lenders and service providers are looking for quick decisions and improved lending experiences. But to make accurate risk decisions and ultimately approve more loans, lenders need quality, up-to-date credit data. Leverage Equifax credit file data to grow your business as you:

  • Target best prospects for customer acquisition marketing
  • Mitigate the impact of high-risk applicants
  • Focus collections efforts
  • Apply scorable decisions to 97% of the credit eligible U.S. population
  • Based on internal studies using Equifax credit file data. 97% return may not happen for everyone.

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Deeper data up front
Access to personally identifiable information for over 222 million U.S. consumers, updated daily from multiple sources.
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Flexible Decisioning
Get a jump start on risk with credit decisioning with credit file at the center. Then layer in alternative data from cell phone, short term loans, and pay TV payments.
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Quick Deployment
Hit the ground running with access to APIs and cloud technology. All with the security you expect.
Equifax has credit files for 222M+ consumers and offers:
1.6B+ trades updated monthly
94% of files have at least 1 trade
an average of 13 trades per file
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