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Solutions to mitigate risk, acquire new customers, maximize customer value and manage your workforce.
Better Decisioning

Your business is faced with constant challenges. Whether you're trying to target the right prospects, retain customers, accelerate transactions, or confirm the identity of new applicants, your ability to make smarter faster decisions can help maximize revenue and minimize risk. Equifax brings data, analytics, technology and expertise to help improve your decision-making related to marketing, risk mitigation, operations, debt recovery, and more. The key to better decisioning is our:

  • Accuracy. Unique, differentiated, directly-sourced data vs. survey data
  • Speed. Innovative platforms provide fast access to data for more timely decisions
  • Precision. Powerful technology and linking solutions with predictive analytics

From account opening to account management and collections, our unrivaled credit, employment and financial data assets lead to actionable insights that help improve bottom line results.

Risk Assessment for Securitizing Equipment Installment Plans

To help companies evaluate the risk profile of their EIP portfolios, Equifax developed Credit Risk Insights ™ - Communications

Featured Resources

NCTUE membership

Discover the benefits of the National Consumer Telco & Utilities Exchange

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Connexus Plus helps minimize risk with a safe haven for customer data

A large regional utility company rid their systems of personally identifiable information (PII) using Connexus Plus

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The Art of Engagement Using the Science of Numbers

Customer Lifetime Value for Communication Service Providers

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InstaTouch ID for communications and energy service providers

Help secure identity, prevent fraud, and enjoy a faster path to revenue

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Scoping out Synthetic ID Fraud for communications and utilities providers

Synthetic ID fraud occurs when fraudsters create fictitious identities using different components of real identities

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Communications Insights

Featured Products and Solutions
Marketing for Communications
Identify and reach the right prospects and customers to grow your business profitably
InstaTouch® Suite
One Touch Authentication. Less Friction. Better Experiences. Faster Acquisition.
Trended Data
Fueling More Dynamic Insights
Fraud and Risk Solutions for Communications
Manage risk, reduce fraud and curtail losses with sophisticated identity verification and modeling tools
Delinquency Management Solutions
Access the freshest right-party contact information available on delinquent debtors
NCTUE Membership and Insights
Mitigate loss, decrease write-offs and improve profitability by accurately assessing new applicant risk
Advanced Energy Plus
Boost risk predictability and get insight into underserved markets — without increased loss rates
Advanced Communications Plus
Help boost risk predictability and get better insight into underserved markets
Connexus helps you to more accurately identify and link customer information
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Resources and Assets

Product Sheets, Case Studies, Videos, and more

Need Help?

Get more information about our services and solutions

Resources and Assets

Product Sheets, Case Studies, Videos, and more