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Utilizing expanded data from the Commercial Financial Network (CFN) and cutting-edge technology and modeling techniques, the Commercial Insight Delinquency Score can:

  • deliver groundbreaking increases in predictiveness of risk
  • fuel expansion of  your revenue base by approving customers that would have been rejected
  • reduce charge-offs for current accounts that may go delinquent

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With unprecedented accuracy, Commercial Insight Delinquency Score predicts the likelihood of a business incurring severe delinquency (91 days or greater), charge-off or bankruptcy on financial accounts within the next 12 months.  The score utilizes both financial and non-financial payment information in the Equifax commercial database (CFN) as well as public records and firmographics. 

Output includes a delinquency score ranging from 300 to 1500, with a 0 indicating bankruptcy on file, with up to four reason codes.

Trended data is the result of analyzing data over a period of time to uncover behavior patterns that can then be used to predict future behavior. 

Trended Data provides additional insights into a business’s financial performance. Having an expanded view into a business’s spending and repayment behaviors, enables more precise marketing and risk strategies and helps improve business decisions across a customer’s portfolio.

NeuroDecision™ is a patent pending service offering for use in evaluating risk predictors with credit data, and other data, on the Equifax high performance analytics platform. NeuroDecision™ can meet regulatory requirements and deliver reason codes that comply with business objectives across many different industries. 

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