Commercial Insight™ Suite

Expanded Data + Cutting-Edge Technology and Modeling = Superior Risk Predictiveness

Insights that Drive Smarter Business Decisions

Utilizing expanded data from the Commercial Financial Network (CFN) and cutting-edge technology and modeling techniques, the Commercial Insight Delinquency Score can:

  • deliver groundbreaking increases in predictiveness of risk
  • fuel expansion of  your revenue base by approving customers that would have been rejected
  • reduce charge-offs for current accounts that may go delinquent

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Accurate and Predictive.

The Commercial Insight Delinquency Score shows the likelihood of a business incurring a severe delinquency, a charge-off, or a bankruptcy. This comprehensive score utilizes both financial and non-financial payment information from the Equifax CFN (commercial database) as well as public records and firm-level data to produce insights you can use.

Delinquency scoring will range from 300 to 1500, and will also include any bankruptcy on file (with up to four reason codes) so you can assess your business risk more accurately and more easily.

Trending and analyzing data over a period of time can reveal patterns in consumer financial behavior- patterns that can then be used to predict future behavior, and provide a new dimension of insight into a consumer's financial profile.

Trended data is a key ingredient in a number of Equifax solutions, helping to deliver more predictive insights.

NeuroDecision is a patented, regulatory-compliant neural network technology for risk decision applications.

In predictive models that require reason codes, like the Commercial Insight Suite, neural networks improve a model's performance with increased accuracy and more predictive power.

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