Improve Decision Making

You need more than data to make smart decisions around providing small business with access to capital. Equifax has built its Commercial Financial Network (CFN) with that in mind. We provide organizations with a 360-degree view of risk, through traditional and non-traditional types of data, to help you improve decision making and generate revenue. 


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Confidently move your business forward by quickly drawing relevant insights from multi-sourced data that is automatically keyed and linked together. By tapping into robust data, you can better target prospect customers, improve profitability and grow your business.

Through the CFN, you have access to traditional payment performance data from an ever-expanding network of more than 1,200 data contributors, including more than 225 bank portfolios and more than 155 million payment accounts. Also, included in the CFN is access to dynamic information such as trended data, employment and income data, information regarding  business ownership, wealth and assets and much more. Having this level of increased visibility across your small business prospects and customers provides insights to help drive future-forward decision making.

For optimal predictability, you need a special type of model—one that can be applied to help your risk evaluation.  It’s called NeuroDecision™ Technology (NDT), a new, patent-pending, game-changing model.  This model can help limit risk exposure by more confidently identifying creditworthy businesses that may need more capital.  

Trended data can help with analysis of the financial trajectory of a small business or its owner by giving you a dynamic look of their monthly debt management rather than a point-in-time snapshot. This more nuanced understanding of behavior patterns can help your business make more informed credit decisions. Analyzing and trending data over a period of time shows you the trajectory of a client’s spending and repayment behavior by revealing patterns in the data to help you understand credit utilization.

CFN Insights that Drive Smarter B2B Decisions