Commercial Analytical Services

Leverage commercial analytics for improved market insights, performance analysis and business decisions

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Top organizations are leveraging the immense power of data-driven business intelligence for better decision-making and stronger performance. Through our world-class Commercial Analytical Services group, we deliver precise B2B insights and actionable answers that help you define your strategies, optimize your onboarding and account management, expand into new markets, and grow your business.


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Balance risk, profitability, and growth objectives with an informed perspective on overall market performance. With key insights on market size and overall health as well as current shifts and emerging trends, you can align your marketing, acquisition and risk management strategies based on the current and future direction of the market.

Services include economic outlook and market landscape reports, small business lending trends, consumer lending trends, and custom business intelligence reports.

Discover new risks and opportunities within your customer base with a thorough understanding of your company's performance. Personalized portfolio analysis can reveal potentially risky situations that warrant revised acquisition or risk management strategies or uncover cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to grow customer relationships and increase customer lifetime value. With detailed insights on your performance relative to your peers and the industry overall, you can better determine your market penetration and revenue share.

Services include wallet share analysis, peer benchmarking, portfolio validations, and more.

Drive speed and consistency in your decision making process through the use of automated scores and attributes. Make risk assessment decisions in seconds with scoring models that predict the likelihood of early default, delinquency, business failure, and fraud or leverage key business attributes for your own internal model development. For marketers, you can improve targeting precision with response models and scores that predict propensity to buy.

Services include standard and custom scoring models, analytical appends, modeling attributes, and score validations.

Define and build your decision policies based on your business objectives, growth goals and risk appetite. Choose from standardized decision frameworks for new account acquisition, account management and marketing or work with our Commercial Analytical Services team to develop a tailored solution specific to your organization's goals and aligned with your internal policy. Our experts will consult with you to help develop your segmentation strategies and decision rules and incorporate the appropriate data and solutions that will enable representatives across your organization to make confident decisions quickly and consistently.

Services include marketing segmentation, decision segmentation, custom consulting and decision strategy development.

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