Collections and Recovery for Auto

Equifax Automotive Services provides collections and recovery solutions for lenders

Reach and recovery fast

Mitigate loss with an informed collections strategy that reveals which debtors are most capable of re-paying, and how to make fast contact with them—before other creditors do.  Equifax offers a powerful mix of specialized collections data and technology that helps you efficiently and effectively recover more of your automotive loan debt.


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Get to your delinquent borrowers first, by getting the right contact number. Expertly designed for collection professionals, FirstSearch gives you fresh, new location information from various proprietary sources, including billing record and payment history data from the utility, pay TV and wireless communication sectors, which are among the first to know when individuals move or request new service at a physical address. It's proven to deliver up to a 20 percent lift in right party contacts and a 50 percent direct hit ratio. This solution can help you:

  • Access exclusive, previously untapped data sources on millions of consumers daily
  • Receive more right-party addresses, right-party telephone numbers and unique phone numbers
  • Recover more debt, faster, by reaching your auto loan debtors before other collectors
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Recovery Report is an abbreviated consumer report, tailored specifically for collections, that helps automotive lenders improve skip-tracing efforts and better determine a consumer's ability to pay.

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