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Expand consumer access to credit with consumer-permissioned bank transaction data
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Start ahead with a broader view of underserved consumers

In your search for new customers, consider this: Millions of U.S. consumers could be off your radar because they have thin files or no credit history. When having more information on these consumers could widen your pool of creditworthy prospects, do you have the clear perspective you need to be successful?

Don’t let potentially limited insight into financial histories restrict your ability to expand consumer access to credit. Start strong with a better view of underserved segments.

Consumer-permissioned bank transaction data for a jump start on risk
Approximately 32 million consumers in the US either have no credit file, or have insufficient credit information in the file to generate a traditional credit score.1 Identify and reach untapped consumer segments early with Cashflow Insights.

Cashflow Insights brings consumer-permissioned bank transaction data, like cash flow, income, and asset data, into view for a better understanding of consumer financial behaviors. So you can pinpoint prospects who may have a more reliable financial record than their traditional credit report suggests.

  • See the big picture — With a more comprehensive view of savings, income, spending, investment, and payment history drawn from over 21,000 sources.
  • Up-to-the-minute data — Delivered on demand and in real time, enabling you to gain deeper visibility and make more informed risk decisions.
  • Ensure compliance — Across the lifecycle, through a framework that supports the lending process, from pre-qualification through account review and monitoring.


Deeper insights lead to improved performance

Augmenting traditional credit files with the consumer-permissioned bank transaction data from Cashflow Insights enables more predictive decisions for underserved populations. Some customers have even realized an average lift of 13.2% among thin-file consumers, and an 8.3% average lift among non-prime and subprime consumers.1

Are you helping expand consumer access to credit? You can be.
Don’t start behind. Start ahead with Cashflow Insights.

1Equifax analysis of credit activity, 2019


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