Product Overview

Make smart, efficient credit decisions throughout the commercial customer lifecycle with business risk scores that offer reliable insight into fraud and financial risk, general credit worthiness and potential for failure, without the effort of manually reviewing a business credit report.

To give you even stronger, more detailed insights, such as how a business behaves during fluctuating economic circumstances, Equifax offers a robust suite of business credit scores and business failure scores that are built on pre-recession, recession and post-recession data. With double the number of attributes, scorecards for both large and small businesses, new scoring criteria and the option to include consumer data, our risk scores provide more predictive power so you can have greater confidence in the decisions you make.

Equifax business risk scores help you answer critical questions for effective risk management, such as:

  • Will I be paid?
  • When will I be paid?
  • Is my customer facing financial difficulty?
  • How much credit should I extend?

Depending upon the level of sophistication and specificity you require, you can select from detailed scoring systems or at-a-glance risk indicators.