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That long-time business partner, critical supplier or significant business customer may have been financially healthy when you initially engaged with them, but what about months or years later? Economic conditions and new business challenges can take their toll. Monitor those businesses that are critical to your revenue stream and operational success. Early identification of negative activity could help protect your business from lost revenue, service interruptions or damage to your reputation.


Our Business Risk Monitor for Small Business service, part of our Business Assure suite, includes the following types of alerts sent to you via email notification:

  • Public Record Alerts – indicate potential risk due to one or more new public records based on a comprehensive, multi-source search of public filing records for liens, judgments and bankruptcies
  • Credit Alerts – indicate potential risk due to one or more new credit activities including charge-offs, aged balances, involuntary account closures, collection inquiries, new credit inquiries, and new accounts opened
  • Risk Score Alerts – indicate potential risk based on a significant negative change to any of four predictive risk scores: Business Credit Risk Score, Payment Index, Business Failure Score, and Business Delinquency Score

Received an alert on a critical business relationship? Get more details with a Business Credit Report.

Subscribe to Business Risk Monitor for Small Business today for just $5.99/month

$5.99 Per Month
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