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Equifax Automotive Services provides business intelligence solutions for lender

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To help you build a more profitable lending strategy, Equifax gives you market intelligence for deeper insight into your business and emerging auto industry trends. Our benchmarking metrics and trends allow you to spot and track emerging risk and opportunities, and measure your overall performance.


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See applications lost to competitors and how those loans are performing, so you can adjust your strategy, offers and terms to attract and win more of the quality customers you want. The insight provided by Equifax Lost Sales Analysis is highly specialized and industry specific to help you:

  • Track transaction-level data associated with well performing loans to see where competitors are winning potentially profitable business, and adjust your sales and lending strategies accordingly
  • Track negative performance metrics such as repossessions and default indicators to affirm existing lending policies are working as predicted
  • Gain market intelligence by analyzing competitive performance metric trends around loans that were lost to help maximize immediate and long-term profitability

For a comprehensive, informed auto industry strategy, combine Equifax Lost Sales Analysis with other business intelligence reports from Equifax such as and Equifax Credit Trends.

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Quickly gather fresh, practical market intelligence by accessing a single source for reliable, high-quality Automotive credit, economic and demographic data. With Equifax Credit Trends, you receive detailed monthly time-series consumer data at a national level through to the local level, presented in a consistent format that includes scenario-based forecasts and insightful analysis to help you:

  • Benchmark credit composition and performance
  • Forecast automotive economic indicators
  • Model blended variables
  • Forecast delinquency rates and industry or product trends.
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Get an improved, current understanding of the broader consumer market that puts your portfolio performance in context for easier identification of emerging trends, as well as areas of performance needing improvement or adjustment. Equifax Credit Trends gives you reliable, historically-trended consumer credit data with timely updates at strategic levels of detail that can be sliced in six different dimensions based on your unique business specifications to help you:

  • Adjust credit and risk management strategies
  • Develop indices of consumer credit health
  • Identify trends and key inflection points in automotive loans
  • Benchmark performance
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