Business Identity Reports

Verify the existence of a business and confirm key business details

Product Overview

Business verification is vital to reducing your fraud and financial risk, and facilitating compliance with a variety of 'Know Your Customer' regulations. You need quick, simple tools for critical due diligence tasks such as application and tax ID verification and even high-level risk assessment for large volume, low exposure transactions.

Equifax gives you the confidence to quickly and accurately validate more commercial prospects, customers and vendors by giving you comprehensive coverage on businesses of all sizes—from small, hard-to-find firms to large enterprise organizations with complex business structures. Furthermore, we don't accept self-reported data. Our data comes from trusted sources, which we take the extra steps to verify, so you can feel secure in establishing business relationships.

Choose from our full suite of Business Identity Reports that offer detailed insights including firmographic data such as employee size and annual sales, plus vital business verification data from the Equifax Commercial database, public record filings, and more.

Equifax Business Identity Reports can be used for:

  • business identity verification
  • tax ID verification
  • fraud detection
  • regulatory compliance such as Know Your Customer due diligence
  • low exposure risk assessment decisions
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