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By monitoring the credit activity of business customers, partners and suppliers you can better plan for issues before they become a big problem. Early identification of potential risk enables you to adjust payment terms, diversify revenue streams, engage new partners, or find back-up vendors to provide critical goods and services. Sign up for business monitoring services today.


With Business Credit Monitor, you'll receive:

  • Timely business alerts via email as new activity is detected
  • Secure login to review the details of the alert
  • Unlimited credit reports on monitored businesses—for the life of the subscription

You can choose among the following Business Credit Monitor alerts:

  • Bankruptcy Alert – any bankruptcy event reported
  • Derogatory Alerts – includes judgments, liens, delinquencies and charge-offs as well as delinquent amounts greater than or equal to 60 days past due
  • New Inquiry Alert – any new inquiry made on the credit file.
  • Equifax Score Drop Alert – any negative risk score change of 20 points or more
$19.95 per month
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