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Decisions about your business should be based on more than a number or a feeling. However, you don't have much extra time to conduct time-consuming research or call a long list of references. Simplify your business verification and risk assessment with informative, easy-to-read reports available through Business Assure.



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Monitor critical relationships for ongoing changes in business activity and credit behavior, so you can detect potential problems early and take action before your business is negatively impacted.

This ongoing monitoring service includes the following alert types sent to you via email notification:

  • Public Records Alerts – indicate potential risk due to one or more new public records based on a comprehensive, multi-source search of public filing records for liens, judgments and bankruptcies
  • Credit Alerts – indicate potential risk due to one or more new credit activities including charge-offs, aged balances, involuntary account closures, collection inquiries, new credit inquiries, and new accounts opened
  • Risk Score Alerts – indicate potential risk based on a significant negative change to any of four predictive risk scores: Business Credit Risk Score, Payment Index, Business Failure Score, and Business Delinquency Score

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