Product Overview

Comprehensive bankruptcy insight leads to confident decision-making

Though bankruptcy filings are on a decline, consumer debt has risen to almost $4 trillion in 2018. Meanwhile, financial institutions continue to lose billions to consumer bankruptcy filings. Compounding the challenge is the fact that many bankruptcies come as a surprise to lenders, as many are filed by consumers that exhibit good credit behaviors. The challenge of distinguishing potentially profitable, creditworthy accounts from bankruptcies requires accurate, reliable and highly-predictive analytics.

Introducing, Bankruptcy Navigator Index® (BNI), an FCRA scoring model that predicts the likelihood that an individual will file for bankruptcy within the following 24 months.  BNI utilizes Equifax’s patented NeuroDecision® Technology combined with trended consumer credit data and proven analytics to help you recognize and mitigate bankruptcy risk. A secondary use of this model helps identify major derogatories.

BNI provides an added layer of protection beyond the traditional risk scores and enables financial institutions to:

  • Maximize portfolio profitability and protect against the immediate, long-term or surprise risk of bankruptcy.

  • Visualize future behaviors utilizing next-gen data science such as machine learning and neural networks.

  • Generate more revenue by identifying profitable customers with greater accuracy.

  • Confidently launch new products to new markets with pre-qualified offers to creditworthy customers.

  • BNI also seamlessly integrates with other Equifax tools like Equifax Risk Score and VantageScore to deliver the flexibility to evaluate consumers from a multi-faceted risk perspective.

Bankruptcy Navigator Index 5.0 is a consumer report and is regulated by the FCRA.