Product Overview
Comprehensive bankruptcy insight equals consistent decision clarity

Bankruptcy Navigator Index 4.0 (BNI) combines market-leading Equifax consumer credit data and proven analytics to deliver a score that predicts the likelihood of consumer bankruptcy over 24 months. By leveraging the comprehensive consumer credit insight delivered by Equifax Advanced Decisioning Attributes, this solution delivers a robust score that proactively identifies bankruptcy risk. BNI protects portfolio performance and profitability by helping your business:

  • Improve bankruptcy prediction
  • Make more consistent decisions
  • Increase decisioning stability
  • Mitigate exposure to bankruptcy risk

BNI provides bankruptcy insight that can strengthen decisions at any point in the customer lifecycle. Built from an expansive sample that covers three different observation points, BNI delivers a current, stable consumer perspective that supports key account functions, including:

  • Acquisition and origination
  • Account management and maintenance
  • Collections

BNI also seamlessly integrates with other Equifax tools like Equifax Risk Score and VantageScore to deliver the flexibility to evaluate consumers from a multi-faceted risk perspective.

Bankruptcy Navigator Index 4.0 is a consumer report and is regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). 

Proactively protect against the impact of bankruptcy losses and make more confident decisions with the comprehensive consumer credit insight delivered by Bankruptcy Navigator Index 4.0.