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Seal the Deal

As a dealer, you’re facing new challenges and increasing competition in a market that’s flattening. And these shifting factors, including new consumer demands and dealership consolidation, are affecting all stages of the car buyer journey—from shopping and buying a car to ownership and service needs. You need to get shoppers into your dealership and into the right vehicle—fast.

Turn Shoppers into Verified Leads

Today’s car buyers spend 60% of their shopping experience online before visiting a showroom. To convert more shoppers into qualified leads and ultimately sell more cars, you need a seamless, exceptional customer experience—online and in the dealership. The PowerLeadTM Suite from Equifax can help you:

  • Personalize shoppers’ online experience
  • Empower dealers insights to promote the best offers and terms
  • Move shoppers offline and into the dealership—faster

“Equifax is a premier partner… we have their soft pull solution [PowerLead] and use The Work Number [verifications] which helps our products be sticky.”

Corby Swick, National Sales Manager, ProMax

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Optimize Marketing Spend

Data-driven marketing solutions that mine current customer databases and help identify and segment new customers that are in-market to buy a vehicle can help drive customer acquisition, increase engagement and maximize Return on Investment (ROI). Our solutions for dealer’s include:

  • Household Segmentation
  • Estimates of Credit Availability
  • Estimates of Economic Capacity
  • Marketing Performance Optimization
  • Estimates of Household Income
Combat Fraud

As fraud rates increase, dealers are subject to more scrutiny from lenders and an increase in contact buy-backs affecting your bottom line. You need tools to help you connect the dots to verify if an applicant is real or not – to help protect your business. Learn how our fraud solutions can protect your business. Our solutions include:

  • Risk Score Identity Verification
  • Authenticated Consumer Pre-fill Data
  • Synthetic ID Fraud Detection
Know What Shoppers Can Likely Afford to Improve Customer Experience

Connect your online and in-dealership buying process and know what shoppers can afford before they test drive a car. And, clear lender stipulations quickly in the F&I office.

Income and Employment Verifications

Verifying buyers’ income and employment throughout your sales process can lead to more and faster sales. Verifications will help dealers:

  • Reduce wasted time and money
  • Combat fraud and avoid contract buybacks
  • Clear lender stipulations
Credit File Reports

Make informed, more accurate and profitable auto lending decisions by using the credit report trusted by businesses and consumers for more than a century. Consumer Credit File Reports provide more data on more people, with more than 2 billion new consumer records added each month, plus more complete file information including full names and addresses to help you:

  • Sell more cars by making better informed decisions on more consumers
  • Deter fraud
  • Ensure the deal will go through and clear lender stipulations

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