Product Overview
Prioritize collection resources with predictive decisioning

Automated Collection Transactions™ (ACT) streamlines collections risk assessment by utilizing credit-based attributes to deliver targeted account performance prediction. Quickly identify customers with the greatest collectability and refine collection strategies with ACT. By delivering current contact information and real-time risk assessment, ACT can help your business:

  • Target the right accounts
  • Prioritize collection resources
  • Increase recovery rates
  • Improve profitability
  • Maximize ROI

ACT leverages the Equifax credit reporting database to append aggregated credit and financial attributes to your accounts receivables portfolio and help automate account segmenting and decisioning. Pre-programmed collections focused bundles keep resources dedicated to the accounts with the greatest collectability and help increase productivity and improve overall recovery rates. For even more precise segmenting, ACT offers the flexibility to select additional credit file attributes to augment your criteria, including:

  • Additional scoring models
  • Public records
  • Fraud and high risk alerts
  • Recovery, income and industry-specific scoring models

You can also further expand collection efficiency by utilizing ACT with FirstSearch™ to get the most current right-party contacts from unique proprietary sources.

For offline needs, you can use our Enhanced Automated Collection Transactions (EnACT) risk-assessment tool specifically designed for collections professionals using batch solutions.

Accelerate key collection decisions and focus resources on the most collectable accounts with risk assessment insight from Automated Collection Transactions.

Automated Collections Transactions may only be used for collections activities.

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