Product Overview


Our AudienceIntel audience intelligence tool enables online advertisers to better evaluate what types of consumers are viewing and responding to their display ads and websites.

By measuring online audiences in terms of their estimated financial characteristics, AudienceIntel allows marketers to evaluate campaign and website performance in real time and make instant adjustments. This helps optimize use of marketing budgets and ensure the right message is reaching the right audience.

Key Benefits

  • Improves campaign and website performance measurement with estimated consumer financial and product propensity insights
  • Enables marketers to make instant, data-driven budget allocation decisions with campaign and performance insights
  • Verifies your actual audience to better understand what type of audience is viewing and responding to your online ads and website
  • Uses a real-time, interactive dashboard for easy on-the-fly report visualization, customization, and exports


Applying AudienceIntel to Your Business

  • Verify that your current marketing channels are providing the audience you're expecting to receive
  • Confirm if the audience receiving your message is a match for your brand and offer
  • Assess what types of audiences are responding by estimated financial measures such as wealth, income and spending
  • Evaluate in real-time whether your campaigns are meeting audience objectives and course-correct if needed
  • Determine the value of a delivery channel and adjust the placement of your ads based on better intelligence about the audience they are reaching
  • Inform future campaigns and carry out real-time audience classification and dynamic content display
  • Better ensure the least possible wasted spend
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