Attribute Navigator

Extend the performance impact of attribution opportunities

Make more precise decisions by creating custom attributes for use in your business strategies

To better assess risk and opportunity when segmenting customers or evaluating new prospects, businesses need deeper insight.

Attribute Navigator, an InterConnect® cloud-based decision tool, can help. It allows you to easily access differentiated data sources and develop customized attributes that fuel more precise decisions, improved acquisition and reduced risk. For instance, you can create custom attributes with multi-bureau data to more accurately evaluate risk, or take it a step further by integrating your own customer data to improve and refine decision policies. Alternatively, Attribute Navigator also allows you to access pre-defined multi-bureau attributes to accelerate customer acquisition.

Equally important, Attribute Navigator optimizes efficiencies by reducing reliance on IT. Its user-friendly, online interface allows business users within the risk department to self-manage all aspects of the attribute environment—from definitions and attribution to testing and auditing. Any attribute artifact can be executed against selected data source to calculate and return results in production. This empowers risk teams to manage the attribute delivery process and bypass internal IT resource bottlenecks.


With Attribute Navigator, you can:

  • Quickly and easily create and deploy attributes into production without the reliance on IT resources
  •  Strengthen credit and risk assessment policies by using multi-bureau data and current customer data to develop custom attributes for use in models and scorecards
  • Use as a standalone tool that integrates into an existing system, or pair it with other InterConnect tools for an end-to-end decision management solution
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