Perform better with a deeper understanding of consumer trends and behaviors.

To help optimize business performance and profitability, financial services providers need a better understanding of evolving consumer behaviors, trends and risk over time. Our Archive Services can provide the trusted, historical views to move forward with confidence.

Over 10 years of a variety of data-sets are available to help analysts conduct validation and retroactive analytics.  Financial services providers can use our Archive Services to help:

  • Augment insufficient customer data for internal and external forecasting
  • Build new attributes and create new models for enhanced segmentation and risk strategies to increase response and conversions as well as reduce attrition
  • Validate internally built forecasts and better prepare for annual capital planning submissions and stress testing
  • Validate and modify existing models/scores and view important patterns, including increases or decreases in risk occurring in portfolios
  • Strengthen portfolio performance by modifying or changing scorecard cuts
  • Validate or create custom attributes that enhance treatment strategies and manage credit limits
  • See how economic shifts are shaping consumer behaviors and creating new market opportunities
  • Implement Champion/Challenger testing to identify the best performing scorecards

With Archive Services, financial services firms are empowered to improve forecasting, marketing and long-term profitability through a deeper understanding of historical consumer data.