Analytic Dataset™

Gain better consumer insight and more accurately predict future performance

Product Overview

Historically, investors in mortgage backed securities (MBS) and asset backed securities (ABS) have had very limited granular data of consumer credit behavior needed to create loan-level models.  Today, most consumer asset types only include pool-level analysis – there has long been a need for enhanced models that include borrower-level data in an anonymous and non-aggregated format.

Analytic Dataset™ from Equifax is a new analytic tool that does just that. The dataset provides key information such as credit risk scores, consumer age, geography, debt balances and delinquency status at the loan level for all consumer loan obligations and asset classes.  The solution allows investors and other market participants to have the ability to better model delinquency, default, loss severity and prepayment. Additionally, Analytic Dataset provides the ability to more accurately value securities and understand broader consumer market trends. 
Analytic Dataset is created from an unbiased ten percent statistical sample of the U.S. credit active population across all geographic boundaries, with historic data starting in 2005. It provides insights into the credit health and payment performance of U.S. consumers over time and across various economic cycles.

Key Industry Uses

  • Investors have the ability to better model delinquency, default, loss severity and prepayment, as well as the ability to more accurately value securities
  • Identify actionable market signals at the macro and micro levels
  • Understand leading indicators of consumer health and changing hierarchies of payments
  • Government and research firms can use the data to create macroeconomics analysis across multiple consumer asset classes to understand broader market trends
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