See Beyond Credit

By giving you increased detail around consumer transactions and financial behaviors outside the traditional credit file, Alternative Data can help you see beyond credit to discover emerging risk and opportunity, expand your current customer relationships and grow your business.


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Want a deeper understanding of consumer financial behaviors, particularly the consumers with thin credit or no credit? Or, what if you could better predict account performance and offer smarter terms and deposits that win more customers while protecting your bottom line?

Alternative Data from Equifax can help by expanding your view of consumers and providing fresh, relevant details that plug common gaps in traditional credit. For instance, you get added financial context about how consumers pay their everyday bills, as well as key insights based on real property ownership, address history, wealth and other key indicators. With a keener understanding of consumers, you can:

  • Serve market segments deemed as higher risk with more confidence
  • Create more inclusive account opening strategies with an expanded view of consumers
  • Help protect your business with refined deposit strategies based on detailed risk insights

To offer unique insights for the communications, automotive, retail banking and other consumer service sectors, our Alternative Data fuels a series of “super scores.” These "insight scores" provide specific knowledge to help organizations within these industries:

  • Better understand unexplored risk and opportunity at every step of the customer lifecycle
  • Build stronger, more loyal customer relationships
  • Increase customer lifetime values

When paired with traditional credit information, Alternative Data can help strengthen your business intelligence for a more proactive, customer-centric approach to risk mitigation.

  • Make more competitive, risk-averse offers with a deeper view of full-file consumers
  • Grow your business by using relevant, predictive information to securely evaluate more customers with thin credit, no credit or poor credit
  • Strategically upsell and cross-sell existing customers based on their expanded risk profile

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