Aggregated FICO Scores

Differentiate households for marketing based on an aggregated version of FICO® Scores

Product Overview

Aggregated FICO® Scores offer firms an aggregated, micro-neighborhooded form of the FICO® Score to enhance marketing applications. This enables credit grantors, insurance companies, and other firms to utilize an aggregated version of the industry accepted credit risk assessment measure for non-FCRA marketing purposes.

Based on the most widely used and accepted risk score in the marketplace, Aggregated FICO® Scores can be used by credit grantors, insurance companies, and other firms for marketing campaigns throughout the customer lifecycle, including to enhance prospecting, segmentation, campaign planning, targeting, and offer development.

Key Benefits

  • Better determines market size and share of total outstanding credit behavior through detailed credit categories
  • Enables credit grantors, insurance companies, and other firms to utilize an aggregated, modeled version of the industry accepted FICO® Score to enhance offline and online marketing
  • Developed solely for non-FCRA marketing purposes
  • Aggregated, modeled scores designed to protect consumer privacy
  • Can be applied immediately as a standalone solution or combined with our other marketing products such as CreditStyles Pro

Applying Aggregated FICO Scores to Your Business

  • Refine target audiences for marketing campaigns
  • Develop appropriate and better informed marketing strategies
  • Sharpen your control of the risk/reward trade-off
  • Target prospects with the right offers, messaging, and/or incentives – both online and offline
  • Develop appropriate treatment strategies throughout various points within the customer lifecycle
  • Improve online ad targeting and landing page optimization
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