Affluence Index

Improve targeting and marketing with an estimate of consumers' likely capacity to spend, save, or invest

Product Overview

Affluence Index is a continuous household-based score of 1 to 1000 that ranks households by their estimated capacity to spend, save, or invest. It enables marketers to rank customers and prospects by their likely affluence.

Affluence Index can be used alone or incorporated into models where consumer affluence is a factor. Marketers can use Affluence Index to enhance account management, identify cross-sell opportunities, and provide appropriate offers.

Key Benefits

  • Measures and ranks households by their estimated capacity to spend, save or invest.
  • Segments, differentiates, and targets customers and prospects with a household-level continuous score
  • Includes summary factors produced from our proprietary database of consumer investable assets
  • Developed for use in non-FCRA applications across the customer lifecycle

Applying Affluence Index to Your Business

  • Drive sales and revenue by better understanding who may have the ability to buy - or invest for the future - and focusing marketing efforts accordingly
  • Up-sell and cross-sell to current customers who are able to buy or invest more with you
  • Create enticing and relevant offers
  • Analyze markets based on the likely affluence of residents
  • Inform merchandising mix decisions with a clearer picture of how much residents in different markets can likely afford
  • Enhance account acquisition by expanding the universe of potential customers
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