Consumer Credit Attributes

Maximize revenue with a tri-bureau consumer credit viewpoint

Product Overview

Confident credit decisions start with standardized consumer perspective 

Understanding where a consumer stands at any point in the credit lifecycle turns data driven decisions into competitive advantage. Equifax Advanced Decisioning Attributes provide the power of a premium set of tri-bureau enabled consumer credit attributes to support more confident, consistent credit decisions and help your business:

  • Access current, comprehensive consumer insights
  • Simplify credit attribute management
  • Standardize your viewpoint into consumer behavior
  • Reduce the cost of managing multi-sourced attributes   

Maximize business performance with over 500 consumer credit attributes that provide a relevant, predictive viewpoint of the consumer while minimizing the resources needed to manage multi-sourced attributes.

Advanced Decisioning Attributes add a layer of efficiency and agility to credit risk decisioning, modeling and analytics. By sourcing tri-bureau attributes managed by Equifax, you gain the attribute management expertise of our seasoned credit data management team while saving time and reducing internal expenses. With flexible integration and online and offline delivery options, we can expedite deployment and speed access to 11 categories of credit information, including: 

  • Inquiries
  • Trades
  • Past Due
  • Satisfactory Trades
  • Worst Rate and Worst Trades
  • Trades with Major Derogatory Reported
  • Public Records  -Collections 
  • Number of Trades Reported 
  • Percent of Trades
  • Past Due Major Derogatory Event

We also offer the Attribute Navigator tool to create an advanced user interface for custom attribute management, testing, auditing and administration.

Clear and current consumer behavior perspective is the foundation of consistent credit decisions that support stronger revenue generation across the customer lifecycle. Strengthen your decisioning strategies and build consistent policies with the premium consumer credit data delivered by Advanced Decisioning Attributes.  

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