Advanced Communications Plus

Help boost risk predictability and get better insight into underserved markets

Product Overview

In today's economy, consumer debt has more impact than ever on communications companies. We understand your need to provide alternative ways to serve customers while increasing revenue, reducing cost and minimizing risk. 

Advanced Communications Plus from Equifax was developed to help you best tailor your depositing strategies to minimize potential losses, while also giving you the capability to expand your business and acquire customers in a growing population segment with little-to-no traditional credit. 

Expand Your Opportunities 

Customers are often much more than their credit score. In fact, a credit score alone may only provide only a partial view of a consumer’s financial obligations. So how can you truly determine if someone will be a responsible payer? How can you accurately evaluate factors and mitigate risk in underserved and unscorable markets? How can you have more confidence in your depositing decisions by not solely relying on traditional credit alone?

Advanced Communications Plus is a new way to more effectively evaluate risk in consumers with full files in addition to widely expanding coverage into the now unscorable and underserved markets. It provides a better indication of customers’ propensity to pay by delivering insight beyond that found in traditional credit data. Advanced Communications Plus uses alternative, communications-specific data gleaned from three alternative data sources: traditional credit history, NCTUE®Plus data based on telecommunications and utilities account payment history, and select public record data. Using the alternative data leveraged in the customer’s score, you can:

• Service a larger prospect pool while continuing to maintain acceptable levels of risk
• Optimize decisioning across all stages of the customer lifecycle
• Better develop and manage deposit strategies with broadened insights into risk profiles

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