Addressable TV

Target specific audiences with your TV ads

Target specific audiences with your TV ads

Television ads cost big bucks. So why spend valuable marketing dollars on ad buys if you are not sure that viewers are the right fit for your product or service?

With addressable TV, you can serve ads only to your optimal target audience, similar to the way you target audiences for direct mail campaigns. You can also version ads by audience type. Audiences can be defined by virtually any segmented attribute including:

  • Company transaction, loyalty data, or other internal measures
  • Likely financial, economic, or income profiles
  • Likely attitudes, behaviors, and propensity to purchase

Get started with addressable TV today

Leverage our relationships with leading cable and satellite providers to easily and quickly reach millions of households with targeted addressable TV commercials. Here is a sample workflow:

  • Onboard your target audience to an online format
  • Define and enhance your audience segments
  • We activate your audience for use by cable and satellite providers
  • You determine reach and set the schedule
  • Run your TV ad campaign and reach your audience!
  • We help measure the effectiveness of your campaign with closed-loop attribution
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