Account Monitoring

Monitor business accounts for early notification of emerging risks or opportunities

Product Overview

Dynamic economic conditions, shifting trends and evolving regulations continually impact businesses—both positively and negatively—making it imperative to stay updated on the status of business accounts. Stay informed about evolving risk and opportunities related to your business customers with our full suite of Account Monitoring solutions.

Convenient, proactive and configurable to your specific requirements, our solutions work quietly behind the scenes performing daily monitoring of business activity. You receive proactive business alerts that act as an early warning of financial risk and early indicator of improving financial status or business growth, enabling you to take quick action to mitigate losses or increase wallet share.

Choose to monitor your business accounts based on any of the following criteria:

  • Public records such as judgments, liens or bankruptcies
  • Credit score changes—both positive and negative
  • Ownership changes
  • Address or status changes
  • Business events
  • Potential fraud events
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