Account Management for Auto

Equifax Automotive Services provides account management solutions for lenders

Uncover opportunities and risk

Sometimes the biggest opportunities—and risks—are hiding within your current customer portfolio. Equifax offers a full suite of account management solutions that give you a deeper understanding of your borrowers and their life events so you can connect with them at crucial times for optimized cross-selling, upselling and risk mitigation.


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Defensively protect your auto portfolio by recognizing which of your customers are showing behaviors or signs of being in the market to purchase an automobile. Using proprietary Equifax credit risk data and advanced analytics, our True In-Market Propensity Scores can identify accounts with higher propensity to open an auto account. TIPS help you:

  • Target current customers who are most interested in auto offers
  • Tailor your campaigns to your targeted audience
  • Improve acceptance rates with offers to those who are more likely to purchase a new vehicle
  • Effectively promote different vehicles to segmented audiences by using household financial information

For the most effective account management strategy, integrate True In-Market Propensity Scores with other solutions from Equifax such as Portfolio Review.

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Manage and grow your automotive portfolio by regularly monitoring your customers for cross-sell opportunities. Using our vast consumer data sources, attributes, scores, employment information and more, Portfolio Review appends fresh information to your customer portfolio to help you better understand your current mix of customers. You get practical, dynamic insights around risk distribution, customer segments, changes in scores since origination and ideal cross-sell candidates to help you:

  • Make meaningful automotive offers to interested customers
  • Grow your core customer base
  • Increase your automotive brand loyalty and satisfaction
  • Minimize losses associated with increasing consumer credit risk
  • Contain collections and recovery costs
  • Improve marketing ROI


For the most effective account management strategy, integrate Portfolio Review with other solutions from Equifax such as Employment Alerts.

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Identify developing opportunities and risks by staying on top of changes to employment status within your portfolio. Employment Alerts allow you to submit a portfolio of customer accounts to track changes in employment information, as authorized by your agreements with clients. Match your customer information against our unique database of payroll information, The Work Number, and know when there's a change. This solution helps you:

  • Proactively respond to emerging opportunity and risk as customer employment improves or declines
  • Better tailor your promotions, offers and financing terms to customer needs

For the most effective account management strategy, integrate Employment Alerts with other solutions from Equifax such as Account Management Triggers.

Retain and grow your existing auto loan portfolio by intelligently cross-selling to customers who are showing signs they're ready to purchase another vehicle. Equifax Account Management Triggers can help you understand a customer's propensity to acquire new or additional credit within auto-specific time periods based on indicators such as increased credit activity, recent inquiries on a new line of credit, approaching final payments on an auto loan and more. This solution can help you:

  • Leverage your current customer relationship to drive new revenue
  • Use proactive insights to quickly identify and capture sales opportunities
  • Better target promotions and offers to customers, for new sales and refinancing
  • Retain your current customers
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