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Unlock the power of Account Advantage.

Introducing Account Advantage
An application processing and account monitoring platform designed specifically for business credit professionals.

Account Advantage Benefits:

  • Streamline application processing

  • Make real-time credit decisions

  • Monitor customers to identify accounts at risk

  • Centralize credit policies for consistency and controllership

  • Improve productivity

This web-based application, powered by IDS’ Rapport® system, brings speed, consistency and agility to all aspects of managing trade credit.┬áBy streamlining and automating many of the tasks you perform today, you will become more efficient at processing applications, managing workflow and returning real-time credit decisions.

You will have more time to focus on the requests that require manual review and to proactively manage the activities of your existing customers.

Find out how Account Advantage can increase your efficiency, accelerate account acquisition and simplify account management.
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