Use these company facts to answer the questions.
  • Black Rock Apparel has 5,000 total employees and offers minimum essential coverage to all full-time employees (FTEs).

  • A significant percentage of Black Rock Apparel's workforce is comprised of variable hour employees.

  • Black Rock Apparel uses the look-back measurement method to determine the full-time (FT) status of their employees.

  • The company has chosen to use a 12 month standard measurement period (SMP) that runs October 4th through October 3rd to determine eligibility for their standard stability period which runs January 1st through December 31st annually.

  • For new employees, Black Rock Apparel is using a 12 month initial measurement period (IMP) that begins on the first day of the first month on or after the employee’s start date. Black Rock Apparel uses a 12 month initial stability period (ISP).
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