The Equifax Cloud Transformation

We will exceed customer expectations and set the standard for security.

This is not a refresh. We’re creating a new Equifax.

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Julia Houston
Chief Transformation Officer

"As we transform our company, we are focused on serving our consumers and customers better, protecting their information and continuously earning their trust."

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Bryson Koehler
Chief Technology Officer

“This is a true, from the ground up, rebuild of our entire company.”

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Jamil Farshchi
Chief Information Security Officer

"Everything we do is fundamentally about trust – delivering the products our customers want, in an always on environment, with the security and privacy that consumers expect.”

Seizing the Cloud Opportunity
Safe and Secure Data Protection in the Equifax Cloud Native Architecture
The importance of built-in, uncompromising security controls for highly-sensitive, regulated data and applications cannot be understated. See how the Equifax cloud native transformation will create a unique, secure environment that will support customers by:
  • Securely storing, processing, and finding value in a continuous volume of structured and unstructured data
  • Continually improving and personalizing experiences
  • Rapidly designing, deploying, and maintaining products, services and data
  • Providing “Always On” product availability for end users
  • Leveraging scalable services for dynamic workloads
  • Providing low latency and lightweight API calls for rapid response times
Environmental, Social and Governance Priorities