Our People Are Our Most Important Assets
At Equifax, we are focused on nurturing our people - our most important asset - through meaningful opportunities for career advancement, learning and development, supporting our next generation of leaders, an inclusive and diverse work environment, and regular employee engagement and recognition.

Learning and Development


Business-Specific Learning

In addition to required training, we also offer a number of meaningful and relevant business-specific learning opportunities for our employees.


Data & Analytics University
Our Data & Analytics University (D&A University) is another example of our business-specific learning offerings.  D&A University started as an opportunity to accelerate assimilation of employees joining the D&A team, and has evolved to also provide an opportunity for ongoing skill development for D&A team members. The mission of D&A University is to (1) provide foundational training to new D&A employees and (2) organize ongoing knowledge sharing sessions across functions to benefit all D&A employees.


D&A University participants gain insights in the following areas:


Cloud Certification
For example, our Technology team has developed a structured framework around cloud education to help Equifax employees earn their cloud certification.

This program provides an opportunity for our employees to achieve a sought-after certification, while also fostering a deep knowledge base within Equifax relating to the design, implementation, and management of cloud infrastructure –a key focus area of our business today. Interested employees work with their managers to select the appropriate learning pathway and certification program.
Professional Development

We offer a suite of learning and professional development programs for high potential and emerging leaders within the company, with a particular focus on female leaders.

Transformers Program
For example, our Transformers program is an initiative within our Technology organization that brings together approximately 40 Technology employees from across the world to engage in valuable skill building exercises and professional development.

Participants, nominated by their managers, engage in a series of training, mentoring, and collaboration exercises to help them expand their skill sets to better position them to succeed in their careers.
Women’s Career Development Network
Our Women’s Career Development Network is a group created by women leaders within our company to support professional development.

One of the goals of the network is to engage with women leaders who are new to the company to help create awareness around gender representation as well as to give new leaders an opportunity to connect and engage with other women at Equifax.

Women Inspiring Solutions Program
We also offer a Women Inspiring Solutions (WISE) program, comprised of a community of technology-focused women at Equifax who aim to empower one another through personal and professional development to ensure successful representation and impact within relevant industries.

Women in Technology
In addition to internal programs, we also partner with Women in Technology (WIT), a non-profit organization that empowers female students to excel in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math through education, exposure, and experience in these areas. In coordination with our WISE team, we host an immersion program with WIT to inspire learning and development in the technology field. Members of the Equifax team also serve on the advisory council at WIT and participate in volunteer opportunities.



General Employee Training

We recognize the important role that Equifax plays in society as a trusted partner and steward of sensitive consumer information.

We require our employees to stay current on applicable rules, regulations and best practices by requiring them to complete regular internal training in a number of important areas such as data security, legal requirements (e.g., Fair Credit Reporting Act in the U.S.), risk management, compliance, and other relevant topics.
Data security
Legal requirements
Risk management

Next Generation Pipeline of Leaders

We are working to cultivate our next generation of leaders at Equifax through our relationships with colleges and universities as well as our internal development programs.

Academic Partnerships

We partner with colleges and universities to help advance relevant academic efforts and recruit top graduate talent. We offer a summer internship program that attracts high potential university talent that helps us build a pipeline of full-time employees.

Specifically, in the area of data and analytics we work with a number of leading colleges and universities across the U.S. to support faculty research, doctoral and graduate degree candidates, capstone projects, and summer internships.

Graduate Development

We offer recent graduates who join the Equifax family rotational development and graduate leadership programs.

Rotational Development Program
The Rotational Development Program provides recent graduates with a two-year opportunity to rotate through various aspects of our business (e.g., finance, data & analytics, and operations) to gain critical business experience that helps accelerate their careers and increase their impact within our organization.

Graduate Leadership Development Program
The Graduate Leadership Development Program provides some of our top university talent with additional professional development, including interactions with executives, business training, and mentorship.

Both graduate development programs help prepare our next generation of leaders and also create a strong pipeline of talent, positioning teams well for future succession planning.
Year Up Partnership

To help maintain our new talent pipeline, we also partner with Year Up, a non-profit organization that works to connect young adults looking for opportunities with companies who need their talent.

Through Year Up, we offer a six-month internship program for young adults, primarily in the technology and security fields, and transition many of these interns to full-time positions following the conclusion of the program.

The Year Up partnership provides a great opportunity for our company to meet its talent needs while also supporting these young adults in reaching their professional potentials.
Inclusion & Diversity @EFX
At Equifax, our vision is to enable an inclusive culture where team members are celebrated for their unique perspectives and contribution to a One Team, One Equifax employee environment where they can live their best, grow, and lead.

We deliver on this vision through our leadership team and initiatives specifically focused on supporting inclusion and diversity within our company, such as our inclusion and diversity resources, employee affinity networks, business resource groups, and cultural celebrations.

Our global footprint in 24 countries affords us a unique opportunity to facilitate enterprise-wide inclusion strategies in which all employees can engage as well as customize locally relevant cultural activities.

Inclusion & Diversity @EFX Resources


We have invested in global resources to drive an enterprise inclusion and diversity strategy centered on engaging our people, building capability, enabling an inclusive culture, and elevating our participation in the market and community.

Our I&D @EFX strategy is centered around 4 imperatives: 

  • People:  We strive to maintain diverse representation by celebrating a holistic vision of employees through attracting, inspiring, and retaining talent with different backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Culture: We foster a culture of inclusion by living our shared values to ensure all employees feel they belong, have a voice, are respected, and are inspired to realize their greatest potential.
  • Capability: We integrate I&D in our infrastructure through equitable and inclusive policies, processes, and training that reinforce the value of diversity for employees and the company.
  • Market: We lead mutually beneficial partnerships and alliances to educate, drive social impact, create shared value, and enable sustainable communities where we live and work.

These strategic imperatives are enabled by a range of corporate policies and practices including:

Unconscious bias training for senior leaders
Equal employment opportunity practices
Anti-harassment policy
Supplier diversity policy
Equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities
Our People

The Equifax corporate leadership team values diversity, including a range of perspectives, experience, ethnicity, and gender. In 2020, over half of the company’s senior leadership team is comprised of women and individuals of diverse ethnic backgrounds, including three of the four business unit leaders.

Over the past three years, we've consistently experienced enterprise-wide positive trends in the areas of representation and promotions for both women and employees of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Women make up nearly half of our global employee population and almost 40% of our U.S. employees identify with various diverse racial and ethnic groups.

Additionally, 30% of our company’s board members are women. Our corporate leadership team will continue to seek highly-qualified candidates that enhance the experience and diversity of our team and deliver on our business strategy.
Cultural Celebrations

We engage and celebrate our employees’ unique backgrounds through cultural awareness programs that inform, educate, and celebrate.

Recent cultural celebrations and recognitions include events focused on Diwali, Black History Month, International Women’s Day, Pride Month, Lunar New Year, and year-end holidays, among others. Events are generally sponsored by an Equifax leader and promoted through internal and external communications.
Business Resource Groups

We have two emerging business resource groups and a host of employee affinity networks across our global footprint that help attract, engage, and retain diverse talent. With sponsorship from our executive leaders, our business resource groups and employee affinity networks host speaker events, networking activities, and career development opportunities.

Members of these groups also support our university relations activities, volunteer and serve on boards in our communities, and represent our company as speakers at conferences.

Employee Engagement and Recognition

Listening to our Employees

We seek to inspire a culture of engagement and transparency by enabling various feedback opportunities and touchpoints with our employees to help guide our business strategy and enhance the Equifax employee experience.

We request and receive employee input through a number of vehicles including a global employee survey, regular pulse surveys, “moments that matter” surveys, and other internal and external sources.

Global Employee Survey: We administer a baseline global employee survey, which is a traditional, robust measure of employee engagement. This survey provides detailed insight into the success of our initiatives and opportunities for improvement across the enterprise, as well as organizational and managerial levels.

Survey results are reviewed by our board of directors and senior leadership team to help inform focus areas for business alignment and strategy, future priorities, and actions.

Regular Pulse Surveys: In addition to the comprehensive global survey, we also regularly administer short pulse surveys that help measure the effectiveness of our impact and progress in moving the needle on employee experience. These pulse surveys help keep us current with employee sentiment and allow for nimble course correction, if needed.

“Moments that Matter” Surveys: We also utilize “moments that matter” surveys that are event-based surveys sent at critical points in the employee lifecycle, such as hiring, onboarding, training, and promotion. These surveys help demonstrate the company’s interest in the employee’s experience and success, while also providing valuable insights that help inform our management of key moments during the employee’s lifecycle.
We also utilize less formal internal and external opportunities to gather employee input. We encourage an open door policy that offers all employees the freedom to discuss any questions or concerns related to their careers or the company with their managers and senior leaders.

We also periodically review external sites to help inform our views on employee experience and engagement.
Employee Recognition

We strive to create a company culture where, at every level, employees are recognized and rewarded for their contributions to our business and our shared company values. To help align recognition and rewards with our Equifax values, we use a recognition platform that is designed to cultivate a culture of gratitude and employee engagement by motivating and recognizing praiseworthy performance.

The platform allows for peer-to-peer and manager recognition inside and outside the employee’s team, including through individual messages, public forums of appreciation, and points that can be redeemed for a wide variety of merchandise, travel, and experiences. We also identify and acknowledge individual and team performance through quarterly and annual awards presented by the business units and centers of excellence. Finally, for many of our employees, we also offer annual and other incentive compensation to recognize and reward individual and business performance.