Our Values in Action

Our purpose is to help people live their financial best. We leverage our people, our products and our philanthropy to support economically healthy individuals and communities everywhere we do business. Every day, 11,000 of us around the world work to bring that to life.

Strategic Report
See how we are implementing an innovative strategy where investments are aligned and integrated with our core business capabilities.
Annual Report
In 2018, we tapped into our unique resources to create the most social impact, while also tying that to our business impact.

Financial Capability

We help vulnerable consumers and communities better understand how to effectively manage their financial resources by helping build their financial capability.

Ability to Act
Knowledge: The understanding of basic financial concepts (interest, inflation, credit, etc.)

Confidence: A consumer’s confidence in their ability to achieve financial goals

Motivation: The driver of financial behavior

Skills: Knowing how to find, process, and act on information (budgeting, saving, etc.)
Opportunity to Act
Access: To quality, appropriate and affordable financial products, services, and policies