Enabling Secure, Private Data Access and Exchange

Equifax helps healthcare providers, payers and health networks build trust, and prevent identity theft and fraud by enabling secure remote access to confidential personal and health information in a cost-effective and scalable manner, without disrupting established information workflows or clinical care procedures.

Online access to health information is transforming the healthcare system. Physicians and other clinicians have access to the right information at the right place and time to provide better care to their patients. Patients and their caregivers have access to their own information in near real time and can communicate electronically with their doctors. Health plans can streamline the benefits eligibility, administration and payment processes, while also identifying instances of fraud with more confidence.

This is possible only with trust in the security and integrity of the systems and networks that house, protect and move electronic health information. Trusted access—providing information only to people with the appropriate credentials who have a legitimate right to access the information—is essential to fulfilling the promises of health information technology.

Patient Identity Proofing and Record Matching

Knowing that the patient is who they say they are, and accurately matching multiple, disparate electronic records for that patient is the key to successful use of electronic medical records and vital for successful patient outcomes. Our advanced data analytics and identity proofing technology helps ensure that each patient is identified and matched correctly with their records, by leveraging Knowledge Based Authentication to validate the patient’s self-assertion of identity. Our proven combination of verified data, predictive analytics and real-time “out-of-wallet” questioning creates a reliable and trustworthy solution for identity-proofing of patients.

Applicant Screening and Fraud

Effectively fighting fraud requires an integrated strategy. Payers need to know if applicants for insurance or reimbursement – whether patients or providers – are who they say they are and are eligible for Medicaid, premium subsidies, or reimbursements. Our ability to combine robust data, predictive analytics and patented technology is the solution necessary to proof an identity and to also verify eligibility claims like professional credentialing, income level, and insurance. With the rates and severity of fraud rapidly increasing, you need real-time solutions that will not only detect fraud and verify an applicant's identity - but also help streamline your manual review process and facilitate compliance.

Patient Portal Security and Privacy

Patient portals can provide greater timeliness and quality of clinical services to patients, plus lower costs and improved convenience of administrative services. However, there are serious risks associated with unauthorized access to highly sensitive health information, including the potential for medical fraud and identity theft. Assurance that only authorized individuals are accessing, viewing, and updating individually identifiable health information and performing transactions within the online channel creates trust that sensitive health records and related information will not be compromised. Using strong multifactor authentication helps keep patient information safe from exposure and loss.

Health Information Exchanges & Networks

Like patient portals, health information exchanges and networks can improve care by getting the right health information to the right people at the right time. They also must operate with a high level of security and trust. Equifax solutions can be deployed to trigger not only at registration but also under particular conditions specified by the network. For example, verification of credentials can be performed periodically to ensure that they remain valid. Multifactor authentication can be configured to authenticate specific transactions or login attempts from particular locations. This includes auditing capability for compliance and review purposes.