GSA Multiple Award Schedule IT 70

Mitigating fraud, waste, and abuse

Equifax offers a broad array of information to assist government agencies in maintaining privacy of constituent and government data, assessing eligibility and risk, and helping mitigate fraud, waste, and abuse. We have data and technology that achieve a 360° view of applicants, contractors and employees – from consumer credit, to employment and income data, business credit, background and security investigations, and identity verification. With a long history and successful track record of innovation and integrity dating back to 1899, Equifax maintains a distinguished reputation as a United States-based steward of vital, sensitive information, managing and safeguarding data while delivering cutting-edge identity and fraud tools, products and information.

Compliance Integrated with Operational Excellence

Equifax Identity and Fraud Solutions help establish the identity framework of trust necessary to maintain compliance and support operational excellence. This is true whether you are trying to protect the privacy of information when accessed remotely, validating the identity of users of secure information sharing systems, or providing new online services. Equifax provides highly scalable and cost-effective solutions for agencies to “know your customer” - when that applicant could be miles from a location where they would typically conduct a face-to-face identity proofing process. Equifax has the tools you need to ensure that you are doing business with the people with whom you intend to be doing business.

Integrated Risk Management Principles

The Equifax platform is unique in its flexibility not only to deliver the authentication and identity proofing that meets NIST LOA 3 standards, but also provides the flexibility to integrate risk management principles into business practices and procedures. The Equifax platform incorporates both discreet verification processes to allow behind-the-scenes vetting, and provides for strengthened authentication based on the riskiness of the identity or the transaction.

Identity Proofing

Our ability to combine robust data, predictive analytics and patented technology allows you to effectively fight identity fraud and confidently allow remote access to sensitive data. Our identity proofing solution leverages questions and answers to prove that the asserted identity of an individual is authentic. Our identity proofing process does not use pre-registered answers. Instead, the identity proofing questions are dynamically developed from a variety of sources to maximize the ability to uniquely identify an individual and verify their assertions. We offer identity proofing, screening, verification and authentication tools that all work together —in real-time —to identify applicants, mitigate risks and minimize losses from various types of fraud.

Applicant Eligibility and Fraud

With the volume and variety of fraud rapidly increasing, not only do you need real-time solutions that will detect fraud and verify an applicant's identity, but you also need efficient, versatile tools that will help streamline your manual review process and facilitate compliance. Leveraging The Work Number® database, Equifax Verification Services provides real-time employment and income verifications – part of a complete solution that help benefits agencies achieve a clear view of program applicants and mitigate fraud.

Portal Security and Privacy

When strong identity proofing and multi-factor authentication solutions are used, fraud and data misuse is less likely to occur and easier to detect, and the quality and timeliness of service delivery improves dramatically. With Equifax, government agencies can implement trusted solutions across a broad base of constituents and provide the confidence that sensitive information is accessible only to those intended or priveleged to have access.