Fraud Protection and Identity Intelligence

Equifax offers an innovative collection of capabilities that enables you to meet your fraud protection, mitigation and identity intelligence requirements. We leverage unmatched data resources, sophisticated analytics and unique technologies to verify eligibility and credentials, prevent fraud before it happens, and increase data security by providing deep insight around your users’ identities.

Equifax solutions centralize and automate business processes, which mean faster and more consistent decisions – ensuring correct action based on who a user is. Using a rules engine for applying scoring models and extensive data sources, Equifax helps implement and manage business processes workflow, define descriptive decision rules, and capture and use business intelligence information.

Our patented authentication software and deep history in risk management and identity proofing provides a unique platform for online transformation. Providing sensitive data only to those with a legitimate right to have it is essential for fraud prevention and to ensure the privacy and security of personally identifiable information and other sensitive data.