Identity Proofing

As mobile and web usage migrates customer traffic to faceless channels, strong identity proofing becomes essential. Equifax ensures you are doing business with authenticated identities by leveraging Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) that validates the customer is who they say they are. Our proven combination of robust data, predictive analytics and real-time “out-of-wallet” questioning creates a reliable and trustworthy solution for doing business safely and securely across all channels.

True-name fraud protection solutions leverage a combination of authentication and modeling techniques. Equifax identity proofing solutions uniquely authenticate an applicant’s identity through a five-step process that works by asking intelligent questions related to the applicant’s history — like past residences, employment, and credit data.

Applicants must answer an enterprise-established percentage of consecutive questions correctly, making it extremely difficult for an imposter to gain access to your web-based applications.

The number of questions and the required score can be varied based upon your fraud mitigation strategy, such as the risk of the transaction, or the risk that the claimed identity is not authentic - for example in the case of a known stolen identity or mismatch.

This patented interactive session binds the applicant to the identity information entered, such as name, address, or SSN, and leverages an analytical model that provides a fraud risk score as part of the overall assessment.