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How do I reach someone in customer service?

How long will Equifax take to respond to my email?

What are the Customer Support hours of operation?

How do I opt out?

What products are offered by Equifax Small Business?

Why does the product selection page show different products for different companies?

Why do some search results show companies with 0 trades?

Why do some search results show similar company’s with the same number of trades? Are these the same company?

Where do I enter my promotion code?

Where does Equifax get its data?

How does Equifax ensure that its information is accurate?

How often does Equifax update its information?

I want to pull my personal credit report. How do I do that?

Am I able to purchase business reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

How do I register to use the Equifax Small Business web site?

How do I sign in to my Small Business Member Center account?

I received an email from you saying that I changed my password or email address when I didn't. What should I do?

Can I buy reports on companies outside of the United States?

Are international sales allowed?

How can businesses report payment history directly to Equifax?

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