For truly informed decision making, you need a comprehensive view of your potential borrower’s creditworthiness. And not only do you need to determine if the applicant will repay the loan, but if the applicant doesn’t repay the loan, is the collateral enough to protect your organization against a loss? With timely, accurate assessments of undisclosed liabilities, employment, income and property valuation, Equifax helps you eliminate these burdensome tasks during loan origination.

The value to your business

  • Reduce the time and expense of manual verifications with instant, automated delivery of employment and income data
  • Protect against fraudulent transactions with a front-line defense of identity verification and authentication tools
  • Continuously monitor borrower activity and receive daily alerts of the activities that may represent potential risk as it relates to undisclosed debt and liabilities
  • Use timely and relevant property valuation data and condition reports to uncover potential fraud and risk during account origination

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