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Enhance your identity protection efforts with ID Patrol's exciting features

As an ID Patrol™ subscriber, you realize the importance of protecting your identity. This How-To page will guide you through the process of personalizing and interacting with your new product and all of its features. We've created a simple step-by-step demo to help familiarize you with each feature.

Visit the ID Patrol demo to learn how to:

  • Activate the Automatic Fraud AlertSM** feature
  • Lock & Unlock Your Equifax Credit File using Equifax Credit Report Control™*
  • Add Personal Information For Internet Scanning using Equifax WebDetect™
  • Activate, Customize and Understand Your alerts
  • Contact Dedicated Equifax Identity Theft Resolution Specialists

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This How-To page will help you get more from your new ID Patrol subscription. Once you've learned how to use ID Patrol, log into the Member Center to begin customizing your new product.

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ID Patrol™ Main Features

Your Member Center Overview

Maximize the protection available from your Equifax product by learning how it works. After reviewing our helpful demo, simply log into your Member Center to set up and customize your product. Your Member Center is your gateway to all of the features of your Equifax subscription — from customization to checking alerts.

This is where you go to personalize your product, update your profile, change your alert preferences and more in one convenient place! Plus, our simple dashboard makes navigating through your Member Center easy. We recommend that you bookmark the web address for quick, easy access so you can visit regularly.

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Activating the Automatic Fraud Alert feature

The Automatic Fraud Alert** feature is a free enhancement to your current subscription. With the Automatic Fraud Alert feature, you can place your free initial 90-day fraud alert on your Equifax credit file. Once successfully placed, your fraud alert request will then be referred to the other nationwide credit reporting agencies. And, your fraud alert request will be automatically renewed every 90 days.


  1. Log into the Member Center
  2. Click the “Fraud Alert” tab and follow the directions found there to place a fraud alert on your Equifax credit file.
  3. Equifax will refer your fraud alert request to the other nationwide credit reporting agencies as well as automatically renew your fraud alert request every 90 days.
  4. You may revisit the “Fraud Alert” tab to turn off your Automatic Fraud Alert feature any time you choose.

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Equifax Credit Report Control

Equifax Credit Report Control

The Equifax Credit Report Control™ feature allows you to take control of who sees your Equifax credit file.* Simply lock and unlock your Equifax credit file online — deciding who has access and when* — all at the touch of a button with our Equifax Credit Report Control™ feature.


  1. Log into the Member Center
  2. “Equifax Credit Report Control” window is on the right side of the screen
  3. Click “Change/Update Status”
  4. Click “Cancel Temporary Unlock” to lock your Equifax credit file

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Reference Card:

Reference Card

Download, print and cut out our useful reference card to help you keep track of important lock information (dates, PINs, etc.) so you can control access while you're on the go!

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Equifax WebDetect™

Equifax WebDetect

The Equifax WebDetect™ feature proactively scans suspected underground Internet trading sites for your Social Security number (if you choose) and up to 10 major credit/debit card account numbers you provide.

Enter your personal information in the Member Center to activate the feature, and receive alerts if your information is found on suspected Internet trading sites where identities may be sold for as little as a few dollars.


  1. Log into the Member Center
  2. “Equifax WebDetect” window appears on the right side of the screen
  3. Click the green “Add” button
  4. Enter to scan for your Social Security number and/or up to 10 major credit/debit card numbers in the form fields and click “Submit”

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ID Theft Resolution Specialist

ID Theft Resolution Specialist

If you have concerns that you may be a victim of ID theft, Equifax ID Theft Resolution Specialists are available 24/7 to help you create a personal action plan.

Our trained and helpful specialists will help you understand the process of notifying the proper authorities, banks and other institutions in the event your identity is stolen. If you have concerns, simply call 1-877-47GUARD (1-877-474-8273).

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Identity Theft Insurance Overview

In the unfortunate event that you are victimized, ID Patrol includes Identity Theft Insurance at no additional charge. This insurance reimburses victims of identity theft for a range of expenses up to $1,000,000.

To access more information on Identity Theft Insurance — such as the exact expenses covered and other benefits — or to download your Identity theft Insurance certificate:


  1. Log into the Member Center
  2. “Identity Theft Insurance” window appears located on the right side of the screen
  3. Click on the “Identity Theft Insurance” link to expand, or choose to download the coverage certificate

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Additional Features

Learn how to easily access, archive and request additional reports. You can also learn how to initiate a dispute if you find errors in your credit report.

Accessing, Archiving and Requesting Additional Reports

To see current reports accessed with your ID Patrol product:

  1. Log into the Member Center to access your ID Patrol product summary, located under the “Credit Watch” tab
  2. Scroll down to the “Equifax Credit Report” window where a snapshot of your latest report will be displayed
  3. Click “View Full Report” to access the entire report

Click here for more information on viewing past reports and ordering additional ones.

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Quick Links

Equifax FAQs:

We know that credit and your finances can get confusing. Let us help you with our list of frequently asked questions.

Key Credit Terms Section:

Do you have a question about what certain financial terms mean on your credit report? Check out our list of key credit terms to help clear up any confusion.

Your Credit and the Law:

Knowing your rights can be your first step in protecting your credit. Learn more about the laws regarding your credit.

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Useful Tips

Tips for Reviewing your Credit Report

  • Make sure all personal information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Examine your credit summary and account information. Be sure you recognize all listed accounts and the status of each.
  • Check to see how long the derogatory information has been on your credit file. In general, negative information that is more than seven years should be removed (ten years for bankruptcies).
  • Dispute incorrect information as soon as you recognize it. Keep accurate records of all disputes and investigations.
  • Learn more about disputing items in your credit report.
  • Look at the inquiries, collections and public records to make sure that you recognize them.
  • Review your credit history and credit report frequently to protect the power of your credit.

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Learn At Equifax

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